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stamp logo for a spirit brand
Conceptual branding guidelines for a local spirits company.

The logo is to be the leading visual asset of the brand. Circular in shape with the intention of using it as a bottle cap. It is to encapsulate the celebrated qualities of the brand - being close to the sea, its heritage and 'small batch ethos'. As well as a beacon of quality and dependability.

Gin bottle mock up with label design | Wild Apple Design
Embossed spirit brand logo, textured paper
Gin bottle mock up with label design | Count Spirits

The logo has been designed with the intention of being used in its original format (grey on white), but can be reversed out (white on grey), if required.


The original and reversed option, gives flexibility to the designing extending its usability.

original and reversed out spirit label stamp branding
Gin label, spirit comapny branding designed by Wild Apple Design
Colour palette design reference display
Colour Palette

The stamp logo was designed to be displayed in a knocked back form with the surrounding design carrying a coloured theme.


Coloured themes could then be developed should the range of drink types increase. However, for continuity the key colours of the Dorset flag should remain, i.e red, white and yellow.

Spirit brand bottle top stamp
Logo breakdown and sizing for drinks label
Spirit company logo sizing concept
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