Other Apples

Editorial Project Management

We have a barn of other apples we can bring to the orchard, if needed. These freelancers help us deliver our renowned flexible, trusted and professional service. We are happy to work to your chosen structure, or suggest a suitable framework personal to you.


Jane Coast Publishing Services 


A freelance editorial and publishing consultant, with extensive international experience, including ten years for a major educational publisher. Jane is well-equipped with all the necessary skills to project manage even the largest of publishing projects.



Wild Apple has been involved in several high profile multi-format projects, involving a strong animation element. As a result, we have a few apples up our sleeve to deliver this side of your project. We can provide the full package from conceptualisation, storyboarding and creative 3D,  to modern/cutting edge tech and seamless production, at a competitive price.


Matt spiderJAR 


An award-winning animator passionate about crafting visual stories, with over 15 years’ experience creating animations in 3D & 2D techniques. Teaming up with Mat allows us to provide a wider remit of animation production, when combined with our experience & creative direction.


Photo Research

We have a top crop of freelance apples, that can help us deliver your desired creative content. Working with these fellow industry professionals ensures you get a crisp, delicious, picture perfect image, that’s on track and on budget.

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