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This month on social media we have been discussing ‘Values’, both those of our designers and Wild Apple itself. It’s been a really useful exercise, helping cement what values are important to us, as a business, within the ELT publishing sector.

We’ve always considered honesty to be one of our core values, which we often combine with flexibility and open channels of communications to ensure our clients get a product which is; timely, to an agreed budget, and one which exceeds expectation.

Our approach when it comes to our blogs is to produce material, often linked to our social media activity, either exploring a subject further, or sharing information which we feel will be helpful to others.

“When you learn, teach, when you get, give”

Maya Angelou

Knowledge is power. Our goal is to guide, inspire and/or provoke opinion, that way we feel the industry becomes better informed, procedures are discussed, team work becomes stronger and ultimately everyone benefits. Below are a selection of our blogs which share our experience across many aspects of design.

What should a classroom handout include?

Hints and tips for designing in-class material. Our designers discuss the key considerations which go into a well designed handout.

What makes a good book layout?

An area our team consider to have a high degree of experience in, with over 20 years and growing. Our team discuss the elements to consider when designing a page layout, ensuring the end result not only suits the reader, but is; engaging, educational and meets the clients brief.

A Guide to Artwork Commissioning

A look at useful guidelines and key considerations when commissioning artwork for your next project, including a look at the commissioning process itself.

Infographic Design

Top tips for cleaner, more effective infographic design, how to make you information impactful, clear and engaging.

Book Cover Design

Our designers dip into the subject of book cover design and share their top tips used when commissioned to design a cover, be it a one off, or part of a larger scheme

We hope you found this content useful and would love to know your thoughts. If you have a design subject you’d like us to blog about, then please do get in touch.


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