'Homework'ing Not Just For Kids!!

A child doing her homework | working from home

It seems an age since our Apples began working from their own orchards. A real eye opener in terms of personal practice, how technology can aid such a transition and what defines a team ‘working alone together’.

The office dogs, lunchtime walks, problem solving in person, and the Baglake barn HQ, seem a distant memory, but the spirit of the team is ever present in our daily catch-ups, hangouts and messages. It’s still Wild Apple, but a Wild Apple that along with many other businesses has had to adapt to recent events. Looking forward we are as busy as before the crisis - which has meant that regular online meetings, clear objectives and lots of post-its are still the order of the day, but, as important is a re-invigorated self-discipline. Allowing time for good mental health, and flexibility in time frames have become key considerations in our day to day working practices.

As well as the Core WA team, we continue to work remotely with illustrators and editors in other countries. Despite their working methods having also been significantly impacted by Covid19 our collaboration and creativity have been unaffected. So we are poised and ready to help you with all your design needs. Flexi-working is the NEW 9-5. But rest assured there will always be an Apple available to help you with your projects and enquiries.

Our Apples are looking forward to giving the dogs a big hug on our return to the barn and getting our teeth into any projects you may need help with.


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