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What a book designer does?

Meet the Wild Apple Design team – REBECCA

Wild Apple Design managing director Rebecca | staff profile

What do you see as your role at Wild Apple Design?

I have now accrued a very varied skill set, having set up Wild Apple 18 years ago - as owner and managing director, the buck stops with me for the big decisions. However, in addition to running the company, keeping on top of finances, and developing/maintaining client relationships. I’m also a hands-on creative director, so I’m very much involved with type, artwork, photos, and layouts.

What are the values that drive you?

I love to put my skills to good use to help people. Whether it is a small child learning English, or an academic doing research. For the local business work, it’s lovely to be able to see other businesses develop and to be able to advise on design and cost-effective solutions. Basically, if I can help someone somewhere learn and grow through creative solutions then it’s worth it.

What project have you enjoyed working on the most recently and why?

The ‘On Point’ project I’m doing at the moment has been really easy to work on, as we are very much trusted by the publisher to get the design and flow of the books finished. The team of editors and authors are extremely efficient, experienced, and professional, so decisions have been made easily. They also have a great sense of humour which has been much needed throughout the lock-down.

What piece of advice would you give to someone entering the design industry?

I’m not sure I can give just one piece of advice? From various interviews and staff hires over the years, I always want to see the thinking process behind the finished piece, as this gives you a better insight into the applicant. The design industry is just that, an industry, so learn about the business side, show you can work as part of a team, do your research and learn to take criticism.

Where can we find you when not at the office/barn?

We live in a beautiful part of the world, so I enjoy walking the countryside and coastline with my rescued German short-haired pointer, Rufus. I can often be found sketching the landscape and looking at nature. As a step mum to two lively teenagers, I have a busy family life, playing games, watching films, and baking. I can also be found in the greenhouse growing veg and this year I have a fine crop of chillies.


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