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As a creative design studio, we are fortunate to have been involved in ELT & Educational design for publishing and educational children's books since 2003, having worked on everything from small bespoke projects, to large multi-faceted international schemes. Below are a selection of projects we have worked on, we hope you love them as much as we did designing them!


From sample designs, through to templating, layout and artwork commissioning, we have worked on many key primary resources, from smaller works to large multi-faceted schemes. Please find a few examples of schemes below.

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As a design studio, we regularly work on educational schemes for secondary students. Our skillsets mean we’re well versed in designing full schemes, from students books to workbooks and teacher resources, including subsidiary material and eye catching realia work.

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We are very comfortable working with complex, academic content, managing your project from the start to final files. Our experience and proven project management acumen helps us deliver projects on deadline, on budget and exceeding our clients expectations.

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