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On Point

Multi-faceted scheme

Editorial / lifestyle, aspirational layout

Project management & photo direction

On Point is a brand new, easy-to-follow, 6 level course, for students and teachers. We were asked to design from an initial brief, to provide a clean motivating, magazine-like design, encapsulating defined progression and unit structure. The design provides everything at a glance, on one page, with easy to understand topics and traditional approach.


There are integrated video lessons and augmented sections, that can be accessed online or through a dedicated app. We also tailored accompanying Work books and Teachers books to have clear features and effective visuals. In addition, we developed the logo, brand, cover series style and colour ways. Working directly with the authors and dedicated editorial team, we have been instrumental in the project management, photo direction and overall style for the scheme.


Age group:


Delta Publishing


English Language Teaching

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