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Packaging designed by Wild Apple Design for Drift Meats
Drift Meats logo design at Wild Apple Design
A design concept & development project for a local farmer looking to establish a core brand. Encompassing their key ethos, whilst having the flexibility to allow for service growth and expansion.
Logo design Drift Meats
Concept logo design for a local producer
Wild Apple Design packaging for a locla farmer & producer
Wild Apple Design packaging for a locla farmer
Drift Meats logo, solid & reversed out

A key aspect of this brief was the flexibility of design. The client wanted her chosen logo to be easily adapted to any future expansion of the business.

One area of potential growth is in education, using the farm as an educational tool. The use of a circular, stamp type, design and simple icons sees an easy switch from a 'fork' to 'pencil' and 'meats' to 'education'. The use of contrasting colours helps to differentiate the business between its service provisions.  

Drift meat signage mockup
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