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Be it a project you need managing, creative consultancy, or a specific design task. Just get in touch.

Main Contacts
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Rebecca Owner, Creative Director

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Sam Design Project Lead

Our team

Creative, flexible, and friendly

Our staff offers a unique blend of expertise as designers. This combination of talents supports our clients’ needs, but we believe our hands-on experience and knowledge are the foundation for the services we offer.  Our experience in working for major publishers, on various products, means we are ideally suited to give great advice and create quality solutions.  Our team’s knowledge spans both the corporate world and educational publishing, Therefore we can offer quality cost-effective solutions, from using assets in a creative way.

Our values

Established in 2003 Wild apple Design has an extensive knowledge of global language and educational market needs. We use our creativity to help educational products meet their market. We love working on material that at some point, will be used to help educate and make someone’s life better. Our design services span course component development, concept page design, creating artwork, layout design, typesetting, transforming digital resources, multi level adaptation work, and creative consultancy. Rest-assured we are solution focused and bring over 20 years expertise to your project needs.

Our mission

Our mission is to make sure that our clients get great day-to-day service. We have a strong culture to treat each project big or small, with the best attention to detail. 


Our team is repeatedly asked by publishers for input into the creative development of new schemes. We also get regular feedback from clients that the quality of the work exceeded expectations. The most important signifier for quality work is the combination of a loyal client base, and a raft of positive comments about our involvement. Thankfully we enjoy both.

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