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Wild Apple Design is a team of experienced designers, with a barn of industry professionals on hand to ensure your needs are met to the highest of standards.


Design for ELT & educational publishing projects are our background, but we are always looking for different directions in which to push our design minds. Branding, design conceptualisation, graphic design, project management, interface design, website creation, online resources, illustration, editorial, creative content and animations, are all areas in which we can help.

Be it a project you need managing, creative consultancy, or a specific design task. Just get in touch.


Managing Director

Dog Owner    Green Fingered    Artist

Rebecca started Wild Apple Design in 2003, after working on industry magazines and then a career at Oxford University Press. Rebecca brings nearly two decades of design experience to the team, with a diverse skill set she has an eye for typography and a passion for creating interesting, accessible designs.


Lead Designer

Mountain Biker    Naturalist  ●  Biscuit Lover

A talented designer, with experience from magazine publishing to marketing and in-house branding work. His design and illustrator skills, combined with his experience of educational publishing bring a fresh approach. He is able to make sense of the content and provide structure and forward thinking to any designs he works on.


Designer / Project Manager

Fisherman    Foodie  ●  Retired Spy

Sam’s work ethic, combined with his attention to detail, means he can work efficiently on a variety of projects, from concept to completion. He has great client liaison skills and an in-depth understanding of delivering consistent design. He is a keystone to delivering the multi-component publishing schemes.

Other Apples

Industry Professionals

Editorial    Animation  ●  Illustration

We have other apples in our orchard, with specialist skillsets, on hand to help us deliver a comprehensive design and editorial package, as well as an apple who can deliver animated concept and award winning content.

Wild Apple Design Ltd.

The Barn, Baglake Farm, Litton Cheney, Dorset, England, DT2 9AD.

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