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Designing within the local community

Recently we have been helping local business with questions such as; How do I create a professional logo?, What is branding and what is it’s purpose?, and What are the types of branding?.

It’s been a busy couple of months here at Wild Apple HQ, with a wide variety of work to keep our team busy. It’s been a lovely mix of publishing work and local branding projects.

We love helping local businesses with their design challenges or brand identity. This side of Wild Apple was born through Covid-19, with the whole team invested in helping local business, with a vision to offer cost effective design solutions/services. Whether a start-up born through the pandemic, needing a full branding package, or an established business using lockdown to refocus and rebrand/diversify, we wanted to help.

We’re pleased to say it’s been a success and we continue to help businesses with their design needs. Anything from a simple logo to a comprehensive custom branding package, our Apples can help.

Over the past couple of months are clients have included; a personal trainer, local spirit company, farmer & meat producer, an image consultant, and film society.

Recent work has included;

  • Logo concepts & design

  • Social media templates

  • Web presence using WIX

  • Event merchandise

  • Window decals

We love the variety of design requests that comes from working locally. Working locally makes us well placed to understand the demographic and have an address book full of suppliers and printers who can make your design requirements a reality.

It’s been both interesting and refreshing to work with clients who don’t necessarily have any design experience. Often being open minded and willing to take a design direction they may have not thought about resulting in some interesting & impactful design work.


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