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Most of the educational schemes we work on have some sort of digital content to them, more recently our team have been involved in converting printed schemes into digital content.  Whether it be: online resource material, interactive PDFs, repackaging, consultancy, or project management, we would be happy to have a conversation and find the best solution for you and your project.

Learning Online

We have experience in what works concerning digital platforms, a great example of this is Navigate. Our brief was to design and create 4 levels of facsimiles to be used as pop-up features, in an online course. Consideration of both the size of pop-ups and fonts used, as well as the legibility and impact of the design, were all key requirements in this brief.

Acting as consultants to help bridge the gap between developers and content providers, we were able to bring our experience of designing for learners, to the project and give guidance for design decisions.

Navigate digital resource screens, on ipad mockups, designed by Wild Apple Design
Digital Resource Material

All of the educational schemes we work on have digital resources in some form, whether they have; an e-book, downloadable resources, or online apps. We work with assets to make sure they are in the right format, named correctly and of a suitable standard, to be used scheme-wide. We have a broad knowledge of what is needed to keep the transition from print to digital & digital to print conversion, as straightforward as possible.

Digital resource mockup, displayed on android and iphones

Managing assets and repurposing material, when budgets are tight, is something we do well at Wild Apple Design. An example is Learning Stars, an interactive digital product using content from its printed counterpart to create a family of components, engaging users on multiple levels. We brought in bright and simple primary colours and fun childish graphics to build a library of items that could be utilised. Being able to edit artwork in-house and advise on what could be reused, involved good project management and an understanding of how the learner would approach the material. 

Digital screen example for Learning Stars designed by Wild Apple Design
Working with Developers

We are happy to work on branding and advise on user experience. The scope of our involvement in a project can range from; designing manuscripts and formatting assets so developers can easily extract the elements they need, to full asset and project management.

Pearson’s Activehub, for example, saw our designers working with a packager to convert an online resource into a format suitable for use as Front Of Class (FOC) material. Due to the short deadlines on this project, we were often working to the same schedules as the developers, to ensure the FOC and online platform were delivered simultaneously.

Examples of front of class, interactive powerpoint screens designed by Wild Apple Design

Script writing, storyboarding, project management and creating artwork in-house, working alongside the client and an animator to develop ideas. 

Project Management

Helping keep things on track between developer and client is one of our studio's many skill sets. We are well-versed in; sourcing assets, file management, amending original artwork in-house and complying with tight budgets. Working on short turnaround time frames, we can adapt to your needs.

Laptop and ipad mockup of digital screens designed by Wild Apple Design
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