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GO! International

Large, multi-component scheme

Adaptation project with additional material

Asset management, Art Direction & Design

GO! International is an easy-to-use course for young learners with rich content to arouse curiosity and support learning. Our brief was to update and add additional units, content and artwork across the scheme.


In all, 6 levels, comprising of approximately 36 components, working alongside an editorial team and artists, to keep things on schedule and within budget.


We helped develop students books with stickers and pop-outs, activity books (for print & digital), posters with language games. For the teacher resources, we worked on the main guides, flashcards, word cards, story cards and online teachers resource banks.


The new cover design was designed to bring the existing scheme up to date, allowing for the extension of new material.


Age group:


Richmond ELT

Young Learners

English Language Teaching

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