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Dogs at work: Meet Rufus

There have been many studies that suggest that taking your dog to work makes employees happier, lowers stress and creates a comfortable relaxed environment. Here at Wild Apple Design we can’t vouch for all of those things, but Rufus our resident Stress Relief Manager has become a valued member of our team, being involved in all major business decisions (we have no choice - he loves to be centre of attention!!).

Rufus brings us much needed breaks from work at the design studio, with his need for regular sniff breaks and lamp post interrogations! He can often be found legs akimbo dreaming of chasing cats and scaring the local wildlife. His presence in the office brings smiles to our faces on a daily basis. He’s come a long way since his rescue from the Spanish Streets (thanks to, however he will take every opportunity to pinch your coffee break biscuit! We were hoping he’d be more help with English Language Teaching (ELT) and other Spanish projects, but I guess you can’t have everything.

Wild Apple Designs office dog


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